059small_MosaicMosaic is capitalizing on its novel biomaterial technology to create solutions that meet the needs of today’s advanced medical applications:

Drug Delivery

Mosaic’s proprietary polymer formulations provide unparalleled control of therapeutic delivery of proteins and nucleic acids. Unlike many other delivery technologies, Mosaic’s formulations stabilize and protect biologic compounds without altering the chemical structure or activity of the embedded therapeutics.  Formats include macroscopic delivery devices as well as nanoparticle formulations.  Mosaic successfully leverages its tunable matrix to deliver proteins and nucleic acids that range in size, charge, three-dimensional structure, and biological function for our biopharmaceutical partners.

Regenerative Medicine

Wound Healing: Healing wounds due to ulceration or diabetes remains one of most intractable problems in medicine and an unmet clinical need.  Mosaic technology provides the three critical components necessary for effective wound healing: (1) bioactive scaffolding that supports establishment of granulation tissue and re-epithelialization for new tissue growth; (2) topical barrier to protect and maintain moist environment (3) controlled delivery of a wide variety of therapeutic agents including stem cells and growth factors.

Bone and Cartilage Regeneration:  As our population ages, repair of damaged and degenerated cartilage and bone is an area of significant clinical need.  Mosaic technology has demonstrated the ability to encapsulate chondrocytes which subsequently regenerate hyaline-like cartilaginous tissue.  Additionally, implanted Mosaic matrices have delivered bone growth factors which promoted bone tissue regeneration in vivo.

Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells hold great promise in providing directed and tissue specific regeneration of diseased or damaged tissues.  Our locally delivered or implanted hydrogels have demonstrated the ability to both attract cellular ingrowth and allow cells to migrate out into surrounding tissues, thus providing an ideal environment that sustains both viability and function over an extended period of time.

Sealants and Adhesion Barriers

Mosaic’s rapid and precise photo-polymerized chemistry enables the creation of in situ cured polymers that provide excellent sealing of surgical incisions as well as adhesives or adhesion barriers.  Relative to other photo-polymerized chemistries previously developed for these applications, Mosaic’s highly efficient chemistry allows for the use of compact LED light sources operated at relatively long (safe) wavelengths.