group for webpageMosaic is led by CEO Martin Stanton, Ph.D., who brings more than 20 years of experience as both a scientist and leader in startup and growth-phase biotechnology companies, including Somalogic (COO/CSO), BiOptix (CSO), Archemix (President), Sierra (CEO), and Dexela (President).  Dr. Stanton is an inventor on issued patents ranging from techniques for 3D breast imaging to highly multiplexed diagnostic methods to therapeutic products.

Mosaic’s ophthalmology efforts are led by Dr. Eric Furfine. Dr. Furfine, was formerly Chief Scientific Officer and acting-Chief Executive Officer at ImmuneXcite. Prior to that, Dr. Furfine was at Eleven Biotherapeutics, where in his roles as Chief Scientific Officer and President of Research and Development he led the development of Eleven’s ocular protein therapeutics product engine. Prior to Eleven Biotherapeutics, he served as the Senior Vice President of Research and Preclinical Development of Adnexus Therapeutics, Inc., a Bristol-Myers Squibb research and development company. Prior to that, he was VP of Preclincal Development at Regeneron, where he led the preclincal development Eyela.

Founder Pete Mariner, Ph.D. leads research and development initiatives in wound healing and has more than 15 years of experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, biopolymers, and tissue engineering. 

Mosaic’s diverse scientific team consists of polymer chemists, protein and nucleic acid biochemists, and biologists.  Together, the Mosaic team possesses the full range of skills and experience necessary to develop and deploy Mosaic technology to create elegant, novel solutions for drug delivery and regenerative medicine.

Backed by an exceptional Scientific Advisory Board, an experienced Board of Directors, and a strong Investment Group, Mosaic’s Leadership and Scientific Team are developing cutting-edge products and technologies for the treatment of today’s unmet clinical needs.